Botanical Cabana® is a hair care brand specifically designed to address the needs of textured hair.


Our premium, plant-powered formulations blend the perfect ingredients that work together to reduce styling time, increase shine, improve hydration and promote healthy hair that moves.


If you're like most women with textured hair, you've likely experienced some common pain points that come with having curvy strands.


We understand the unique challenges that come with textured hair - from frizz to dryness or tangles and breakage. That's why we're dedicated to providing hair care solutions that cater specifically to your needs.


We also understand the lifestyle of a busy mom, especially with multiple kids and textures under one household. Less is more, and you look for anything that can give you time back in your day.


That's why our multi-tasking hair care solutions have been a go-to for busy women who need a product to pamper, deliver results and provide an escape for the senses, even if just for a moment.


With that, let’s step inside of the brand's Mission:

Enter Botanical Cabana - a luxurious experience accessed through inclusive, brilliantly-effective products designed to help you achieve your best hair days and celebrate the beauty that makes you unique.

All textures, tones and identities welcome.


BC Owners



The parent company, Botanical Hydration, was established in 2020 by Ash + Greg. This wife and husband duo took a passion for beauty marketing, mixed with fitness/wellness expertise, to develop a digital space where they could provide premium beauty/self-care solutions to help people look and feel their best, whether at home or jet-setting across the globe.


This goal was achieved through the successful launch of their first products, which included their hero leave-in conditioner product and haircare accessories bundle.


In 2022, a rebrand was executed to encompass a broader range of consumer product categories. luxury winter haircare collection was the first launch under the new Botanical Cabana brand.


This collection was designed to meet a variety of styling and hair/scalp needs for different hair textures. The hand selected scents, extracts and quality of this collection were inspired by haircare traditions from around the world. The collection instantly transports you to that plush, tropic getaway - think coveted poolside cabana or exotic beach bungalow at your preferred resort.


The brand also launched 'Beauty as art', with "The Crew" as the first merchandise collection. 'Beauty as art' allows the consumer to celebrate beauty through custom illustrations, created by Ash herself. The illustrations showcase a variety of skin tones and embrace the versatility of textured hair through apparel, home and lifestyle goods as mediums.