At Botanical Cabana®, we know the magic of textured hair and the unexpected challenges that may come with it. We've all been there – frizz, dryness, the endless detangling sessions. It can feel like a constant uphill battle, but it doesn't have to be.


That’s why Botanical Cabana® is more than beauty and self-care solutions; it's an invitation to embrace your curvy strands, streamline your routine, and celebrate the beauty that makes you unique.


We’ve created a premium line of plant-powered, multi-tasking formulas that are packed with the perfect blend of high performance ingredients that work in harmony to:

  • Reduce styling time: Say goodbye to hours spent in the bathroom and hello to effortless manageability
  • Boost shine: Embrace natural radiance and healthy-looking hair that turns heads.
  • Deeply hydrate: Combat dryness and quench your curls' thirst for moisture
  • Promote healthy hair growth: Nourish your scalp and strands for strong, healthy hair that thrives
  • Deliver a sensory escape: Experience the delightful aromas and luxurious textures of our botanical ingredients, transforming your routine into a moment of self-care


We understand that life, especially for busy moms, can be a whirlwind. That's why we’ve taken a "less is more" approach by creating a multi-benefit product line up that is easy to use and delivers exceptional results.



A lush, multi-sensory textured hair care experience accessed through brilliantly effective products designed to untangle your routine and empower you to love your crown.

All textures, tones, and identities are welcome.



BC Owners



Meet Ash and Greg, a wife and husband duo (plus parents) who turned adversity into opportunity during the pandemic.

Fueled by a shared passion for beauty and wellness, they established Botanical Cabana® to create an exquisite, simplified, multi-sensory hair care experience to help empower people to love their curvy strands while transporting them to their own private self-care oasis.


Their journey with natural hair began over 23 years ago, a path paved with commitment, discipline, postpartum challenges, and a profound discovery: the transformative power of hydration and quality plant-powered ingredients. Witnessing the transformative impact of these elements fueled an aspiration – to create premium selections that ease the path for others embarking on their own multi-faceted textured hair exploration.


Creating this company wasn't just about establishing a business; it was about building a legacy. They envision a future where generations can benefit from the knowledge and systems they’ve developed.


This vision materialized in 2020, when they formed parent company Botanical Hydration, with a mission to help people look and feel their best. They initially launched with their hero leave-in conditioning spray and hair care accessories bundle, which found a loyal following.


In 2022, they embarked on an exciting expansion, rebranding as Botanical Cabana ® to offer a wider range of premium beauty and self-care solutions, which included a luxury capsule hair care collection, that provided a wide-range of solutions from heat styling products to scalp serums.


The collections are about more than just products; it is about providing an experience. Inspired by hair care traditions from around the world, they hand-select ingredients and exquisite scents, that transport you to a state of relaxation. Imagine yourself lounging in a plush lounge chair by the pool or a tranquil beach bungalow, with your hair nourished and revitalized.


But their vision extends beyond hair care. They launched a "Beauty as Art" concept, with The Crew as their first merchandise collection. This collection, designed by Ash herself, features custom illustrations that showcase diverse skin tones and embrace the unique beauty of textured hair through apparel, home goods, and lifestyle items.


Today, Botanical Cabana ® stands as a testament to our combined vision and dedication. We strive to create not just products, but a vividly rich experience that empowers individuals to embrace their unparalleled allure and celebrate their individuality.